Burning Season Checklist

The burning season is quickly approaching, but are your chimney and fireplace ready?  The best time to start preparing your fuel-burning appliances for the fall is during summer, when chimney sweeps offer discounted services and more flexible scheduling.

To help homeowners prepare for the burning season early this year, The Fireplace Doctor has come up with a helpful list of common chimney and fireplace repairs and maintenance needs.  Whether your chimney needs one or all of these, now is the time to think about getting it ready for the cold weather.

  • Schedule a chimney sweep and inspection.  This is perhaps the most important maintenance need for your chimney and fireplace.  Before lighting the first fire of the season, your chimney and fireplace should be swept to remove any remaining creosote and soot from the last year and inspected for any damages.
  • Make necessary repairs. Following a routine inspection, a Fireplace Doctor technician will sit down with you to report on his findings. Common problems that crop up during the summer include chimney odors, water leaks, and damages from animals that have found their way inside your chimney or fireplace. These issues need to be fixed before the burning season so that you get the most out of your fireplace all winter long.
  • Protect your chimney from the elements.  The main purpose of a chimney is to allow fumes and vapors to escape. There is a downside to having an opening on top of your roof, however. Chimneys can also serve as an entryway into your home for things that are better left outside, such as rain, debris and animals. Before winter rolls around, you should invest in the special devices offered by chimney sweeps to protect your chimney from the elements.

The Fireplace Doctor specializes in helping homeowners need to get the most out of their chimneys and fireplaces this winter. Here are a few of our top selling services and devices:

  • Lock-top damper. This damper seals tightly on top of your chimney to keep heat and energy in, and rain and animals out. You can open and close it at your convenience using the cable that drops down your flue and attaches to a handle inside your fireplace.
  • FlashSeal. This flashing system has been proven to prevent leaks at the base of your chimney. It’s custom fit design acts as an airtight seal between your chimney’s base and the roof, keeping water from accessing your chimney’s interior.
  • Water repellents. Waterproofing chimneys is a top priority for homeowners, especially during the spring and summer rainy seasons. The industry’s best products, both offered by The Fireplace Doctor, include CrownSaver and ChimneySaver. Both can be applied to masonry chimneys to provide a seamless, waterproof coating that is 100 percent breathable to allow vapors to escape from the inside of your chimney. Water repellents ensure that your chimney can perform its job efficiently during the burning season, without being affected by water leaks.

The most common mistake homeowners make when it comes to fireplace and chimney maintenance is waiting until the burning season to have repairs and other services performed. When you take care of your chimney and fireplace early, you can rely on their warmth for many winters to come.