Did you know that heat loss from your fireplace and chimney can account for as much as 8% of your home’s heating and cooling cost? By installing a top mounted damper it can save you money and help your home stay warmer. A fireplace damper is a devise that attaches to the top of your chimney flue liner. These chimney dampers can provide you with a air tight seal that help keep your heating and air conditioning inside your home. They seal out any insects and animals and keep out rain, snow and hail.  The Fireplace Doctor offers several different types of dampers. They can vary in shape, style, color and cost. Click on the products below to learn more about them.

Here are a few questions to determine if a top mount damper is suited for your home.

  • Is your home older? It may not have a damper assembly.
  • Is the damper blade missing or damaged?
  • Do you feel cold air coming down your chimney in Winter or get a smoky smell in Summer??

If your answer was yes to any of the above questions than a top mounted damper may be just what you need. Top mount dampers can be a great low cost replacement for rusted and worn-out throat dampers. They lock shut keeping your fireplace warm and dry. This dramatically reduces noise from the outside, thus making your fireplace burn cleaner and reducing pollution.

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