Dryer Vents

A clean, unobstructed dryer vent improves the safety and efficiency of your dryer. As the dryer vent becomes obstructed and filled with lint, drying time increases and causes the dryer itself to overheat. Likewise, this prevents the adequate removal of air and moisture from the dryer, and a typical 40 minute cycle turns into an hour and 40 minute cycle, resulting in a waste of energy, additional clothes fibers lost and the frightening possibility of a fire. Clothes dryers are one of the most expensive appliances in your home to operate. The longer they run, the more money they cost you.


The LintAlert® is a smart, easy-to-install home safety device that monitors and displays the back pressure levels found in the exhaust conduit of the dryer. Pressure levels found in the dryer duct typically increase over time due to lint build-up, animal nests or vent hoods that become inoperable. Read more…

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