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There are several types of alarms available for your fireplace. They are made to detect smoke and carbon monoxide levels throughout your home. These alarms help ensure you and your families safety.  Why have two separate alarm units when you can have a combination unit that will monitor both carbon monoxide and smoke levels. Fireplace remote controls offer you the ability to turn your fireplace on at the touch of a button from the luxury of you chair or couch. No more having to get up and manually turn the fireplace on.

Here you’ll find a variety of remote controls, wall switches, and programmable timers that can make using your fireplace or stove even easier. Some of the remotes we carry are compatible with a large number of appliances while others are designed for use with specific models, so make sure you check the instruction manuals of both devices before ordering.

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Safety Gates

Our safety gates have been designed to protect your children from the dangers of heat and fire from any fireplace, wood burning stove and barbecues. It also keeps bon monoxide your little one from coming into contact with any sharp corners and edges or rough surfaces that you may find in or around your hearth .

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