Product Brands

The Fireplace Doctor offers the following brands as a part of our services and for purchases of their products from our online store.

The Leader in Chimney Protection: SaverSystems began manufacturing damp proofing and restoration products for masonry chimneys under the ChimneySaver brand name. After thousands of warranted applications, SaverSystems’ water repellents became the number one choice for protecting masonry chimneys from leaks and water damage.

Hargrove Hearth Products offers a full range of handcrafted vented logs in fresh cut, charred, radiant heat and other designs, as well as vent-free gas logs, available in natural gas or liquid propane configurations. Hargrove gas logs are known for their incredible beauty and fidelity to nature.

Rutland Products offers a complete line of products for the Professional Chimney Sweep and Homeowner. We manufacture and distribute over 750 items for care and repair of your chimney and hearth.

RH Peterson is dedicated to providing their customers with unparalleled customer service and technical service in addition to their outstanding product quality. Peterson has a wide range of products from gas logs, ceramic gas fireplace log, vented gas log, vent free gas log, fire pits, remote controls, outdoor gas logs, and more. All Peterson products are CSA, AGA, RADCO, ICBO, UL, or ULC approved.

Majestic Fireplaces has stood outstanding, durability, great looks and long lasting performance in wood and gas fireplaces and stoves for over 50 years. With a wide range of styles, sizes and trims, Majestic brings a world of warmth and heritage to any home.

Marco produced fireplace doors and blowers. Lennox Hearth Products has taken over the name.

Lennox Hearth Products is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor fireplaces, fireplace inserts, free-standing stoves, gas log sets, accessories and venting products for the specialty retail, residential new construction and industrial markets.

Simpson DuraVent is a leading manufacturer of gas vent and chimney products. They are committed to providing the industry with a continuous stream of new products and refinements to existing products.

Smoktite is a unique ceramic product that is sprayed in smoke chambers to seal holes and gaps. It creates a smooth, highly insulation coating that is impervious to acids, vapors, and water – and is good to 3000° Fahrenheit!

WeatherTite Industries, Inc. is a family owned company, dedicated to bringing you the finest in masonry weatherproofing products. To achieve and maintain the highest level of quality we use only the finest ingredients available. Our goal is to develop weatherproofing products that truly meet the needs of chimney repair specialists and contractors.

Moisture is the leading cause of deterioration to chimneys and other masonry structures. When left unattended, moisture will eventually begin to cause problems such as spalling, scaling, freeze-thaw damage, or just annoying leaks.

WeatherTite products are the best defense against premature masonry deterioration.

HomeGuard chimney liners are manufactured with care and precision to guarantee you and your family a safe, worry-free chimney.

Engineered to withstand moisture and fire damage, as well as last for the life of your home, HomeGuard systems help protect homes from dangerous chimney fires, carbon monoxide poisonings and unnecessary property damage.

HomeGuard chimney liners are manufactured in the United States.

Lyemance Dampers are similar to Lock-Top but are available at a lower price point. Much like Lock-Top, Lyemance Dampersincrease the energy efficiency of a chimney and save money on home heating costs.

Lock-Top Dampers are as much as 90 percent more efficient than traditional throat dampers. These dampers are installed on the top of the chimney and completely seal the flue shut with a silicone rubber seal when the fireplace is not in use, preventing heat from escaping up the chimney and chilly drafts from entering the home.

Based in Jupiter, FL, In-O-Vate Technologies designs, markets and manufactures innovative new products for safer, more efficient clothes dryer venting. Since 2001, the home building industry has benefited from In-O-Vate’s commitment to quality and service. The family of products invented includes The Dryerbox®, The Dryer-Ell® and LintAlert®.

The LintAlert® is a smart home safety device that monitors and displays the back pressure levels found in the exhaust conduit of your dryer. The more lights that are displayed, the more energy you are wasting.

Design Specialties is a manufacturer of custom, high quality glass fireplace doors. We are located in Milwaukee, WI and we have been in business since 1983. We are recognized as the leading product and design innovator in the industry.

We realize that the fireplace is the focal point of your room. With our wide variety of door styles and finishes we can manufacture the perfect custom glass fireplace door for your taste and décor.



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