All Chimney Repairs

The Fireplace Doctor can handle all types of chimney repairs. Whatever problems we find during our inspection. We can take care of them for you. If you got cracks in the chimney’s bricks or mortar, we can fix it! Broken or missing chimney caps? No problem.  These are common chimney problems with simple solutions, and The Fireplace Doctor is the right company for the job.

It’s common to find cracked bricks, missing chimney caps and other various damage in chimneys, as a result of constant exposure to the elements. The Fireplace Doctor is highly capable of performing a variety of chimney services in an efficient manner to prepare your chimney for the burning season. Call us to repair any chimney problem that you may be having with your chimney. We offer a number of services to ensure that we can help you, no matter what the issue is.

Masonry Damage

Masonry chimneys are constructed using bricks that will become damaged over time because of their exposure to harsh weather. If your chimney’s bricks are falling apart, problems such as water damage and animal problems can start to happen.

Tuck pointing is the best process for repairing cracks in a chimney’s masonry. Tuck pointing replaces all of the damaged mortar in your chimney and matches the new mortar to the original color of the chimney. The new mortar prevents any water from penetrating the chimney. A sealant-based tuck pointing can also be carried out as long as the mortar is in good condition.

When the face of the bricks in your chimney start chipping off in flakes, it is a sign that your chimney’s structural integrity may be threatened. The deterioration allows water to seep into the porous bricks, sometimes resulting in costly water damage. The exterior of your chimney can also become severely damaged if the bricks are not maintained or protected. Applying a waterproofing agent like ChimneySaver to the brickwork on chimneys will prevent this condition from happening and save you time and money in the long run.

Chimney Liners

Trying to find a way to prevent future chimney problems from occurring? Get your chimney relined by The Fireplace Doctor. Whether your chimney has been damaged from exposure to the weather or a chimney fire, relining can solve the problems. Homes built before 1940 didn’t adhere to modern safety codes that call for all chimneys to include liners. Having one installed can help you get the most out of your chimney and fireplace or wood-burning stove, and it lowers the risk of a chimney fire or other damage to your home that can come from problems created by unlined chimneys.

Chimney liners are need to vent particular chimney appliances such as wood burning, pellet, gas, and oil. Traditional liners are made of clay tiles, but modern chimneys are often built with stainless steel liners that are easy to install and come in rigid or flexible designs, depending on the requirements for individual systems.

You may need to reline your chimney for a variety of reasons, ranging from necessary upgrades to repairs on damage caused by a hurricane, earthquake or fire. Homeowners typically get their chimney relined for these reasons:

  • To fix damage that came from earthquakes, tornadoes, uncontrollable chimney fires, etc.
  • To upgrade an older chimney in their home.
  • To replace a chimney liner that is falling apart and causing water leaks and draft problems.
  • To make the chimney a different size for a new appliance.
  • To prevent creosote from building up inside the chimney system.

There are many types of chimney liners that the The Fireplace Doctor offers:

  • Stainless steel liners that can be fit to meet the needs of individual chimneys with rigid or flexible designs.
  • A cast-in-place method involving two coats of masonry material that is applied to the bell of the chimney to keep moisture and corrosive substances from damaging it.
  • Aluminum is used with gas appliances, but never gas logs.
  • Flue tiles used during the construction process for short, straight chimneys.

A homeowner should never attempt to install their own chimney liner, because it could result in complications and dangerous results. To ensure the safety of your family and home, rely on a certified chimney technician to install your chimney liner. We assure you that all of our technicians at The Fireplace Doctor will do an excellent job installing your chimney liner safely and properly.

Chase Covers

Chase covers installed on prefab chimneys are used to keep harmful things out of chimneys, whether it’s rain or animals. Chase covers need to be properly maintained to do their job effectively, though. They are made of metal and exposed to the elements constantly, making them vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Corroded chase covers can lead to rust running down the side of your chimney or allow water to access the interior of the chimney and fireplace or wood-burning stove. When covers are installed without support, it results in water pooling on top of your chimney and results in rust, and eventually, water damage in your home.

You can also have a stainless steel chase cover installed by the technicians at The Fireplace Doctor to prevent rust and leaks from damaging your chimney and home. The cover is held in place securely by screws, with silicon filling the holes to keep leaks from developing. The top creates a dome effect using a cross-breaking design that prevents water from collecting in pools.

Maintenance to Your Chimney

It’s possible to protect your chimney from damage before they develop by practicing preventative maintenance. For a large selection of devices and water repellants, call The Fireplace Doctor.

ChimneySaver is a water repellant that, when applied to masonry chimneys, acts as a shield against rain, sleet and snow. It allows the bricks on your chimney to let water out but does not allow other things to escape, such as your air conditioning. The inexpensive cost of ChimneySaver water repellant can save you from spending a lot of money on future water damage repairs.

Water damage can be avoided if a chimney cap in good condition is installed on your chimney. A lock-top damper is another option that acts as both a cap and a damper for the ultimate protection, and it is energy efficient to help you get the most out of your fireplace or wood-burning stove this winter.

Don’t rush into preventative measures without consulting a professional chimney sweep, though. They will perform a routine cleaning and inspection to figure out the right way to protect your chimney for years to come. The Fireplace Doctor’s entire technician crew is certified through the Allstar Chimney Academy, and the trained sweeps know how to do many different levels of safety inspections. Call The Fireplace Doctor to get the answers to all your questions and have your chimney problems fixed quickly and effectively.

We can install lock-top dampers, chase covers, extensions, flues, lyemance dampers, and caps. Any of your chimney needs, we got you covered.

We’re ready to handle any and all of your chimney related problems. So give us a call at The Fireplace Doctor. Our staff is honest and friendly. You’ll be glad you did.

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