Chimney Flash Sealing

Are you experiencing leaks around your chimney stack or vents? These leaks are probably coming from your faulty or worn out flashing. Our technicians can use a system called FlashSeal. This is a long lasting and proven method for stopping these types of leaks.

When properly installed FlashSeal becomes like a custom fit shoe around the base of your chimney. FlashSeal is both flexible enough to seal into the smallest cracks yet strong enough to withstand Mother Nature’s elements.

You should have your flashing inspected and any maintained to keep any problems from occurring in the future. Depending on what our staff finds out from your inspection, they may recommend anything form a repair to a complete replacement of your flashing.

If you’re looking for chimney flash seal services to prevent water leakage, then give us a call today at 1-888-565-0124 or email us.