Chimney Waterproofing

Waterproofing your fireplaces or chimneys is an economical way to prevent any costly water damage to your fireplace or chimney. This process may be done at anytime during the construction of your chimney, or even after you have experienced some water related issues. Severe water damage can render your fireplace and chimney useless to you, just when you may need it the most.

Waterproofing your chimney is the number one way to prevent future water leaks. Our waterproofing system consists of two different types of chimney products. The first one is Chimney Saver Water Repellant. It’s 100% vapor permeable, which means Chimney Saver lets moisture and water out but doesn’t allow any back inside the chimney, thus allowing it to breathe. Then there is Crown Saver. Crown Saver is an elastomeric product designed to be applied directly over your existing mortared crown, sealing off any leaks and locking out any water.

The chimney’s exterior wall is exposed to the weather all the time. Thunderstorms, snow and sleet can all have a profound effect on your chimney. Rain and other harsh weather conditions can create problems for the entire home. Chimney water damage can happen slowly. The breakdown of the chimney’s structural material can make the chimney unsafe to use. Typically, this type of damage to chimney goes unnoticed for quite some time. Extensive chimney water damage can be easily avoided if you get it inspected annually. Homeowners should not use their chimney until all water damage has been repaired.

Several structural parts of a home is shielded from the weather. The walls of the home is mostly protected by the overhang of the roof. There is not protection for the chimney from the elements, so many parts of the chimney are at risk. These type of areas are at risk for water damage and needs to be waterproofed properly. If not properly protected from water, the lifespan of your chimney is decreased. It is cheaper to get your chimney waterproofed than to let water damage occur and have to get it extensive repairs done. You can save a lot of money by having your chimney maintained and inspected annually.

Outside temperatures can have an affect on your chimney’s mortar. When the weather is cold outside,it freezes the water to the mortar. Mortar deterioration can start to develop if temperature fluctuation causes water to constantly freeze and melt on the chimney. Chimney mortar needs to be strong and not deteriorating to use your chimney safely. Having your chimney inspected for stability and strength can prevent major problems happening in the future.

Water damage can causes a chimney to start leaning to one side. Water is capable in getting into the small fissures and cracks in the mortar when it is rainy and windy outside. A chimney can start to lean if there is deterioration of the brick materials. The brick material’s strength is weakened and is unable to hold the weight. Mortar failure can create dangerous problems such as bricks falling off your roof. If the chimney structure is not strong, it is not safe to use.

It does not matter what the age of your chimney is when it comes to water damage. Your chimney can be very old or extremely new. Water damage can affect any chimney, and can be costly if not taken care of as soon as possible. We will find any water damage on your chimney with our professional 21 Point Safety Inspection. The Fireplace Doctor techs can spot all water damages with chimneys.

Water Damage and Your Masonry Chimney

The number one cause of damage to your chimney is water. It does more damage that even fire. Let’s look at it this way. All the building materials that were used to construct your home are all protected by your roof and eave, except the chimney. Your chimney stands far above your rooftop and is continually exposed to all of nature’s elements; temperature changes, snow, rain, and of course the freeze/thawing cycles.

A typical masonry chimney isn’t just made of brick and mortar. Steel, cast iron and tile are also use in the construction of your chimney. All of these materials will suffer from accelerated deterioration and possible structural damage from water infiltration.

When exposed to the freeze and thaw process, masonry materials deteriorate quickly due to the moisture that has penetrated into them. The freezing and thaw process, which expands and contracts these materials, puts stress on your masonry chimney also causing damage. When water is in contact with steel and cast iron, it causes them to rust. This will weaken and eventually destroy these valuable metal parts.

Water penetration can cause interior and exterior damage to your home and masonry chimney including:

  • Spalled and broken brick work
  • Deteriorated metal or masonry firebox assemblies
  • Rusted damper assemblies
  • Rotted adjacent wood and ruined wall coverings
  • Deteriorated central heating system
  • Decayed mortar
  • Cracked flue liner systems

Examples of Water Problems

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There are many water leaks products for chimneys. We use the best products you can buy when it comes to water leaks. Chimney Saver water repellant is one type of product we use. Moisture is able to escape the brick material with this product.

The other chimney product we use is called CrownSaver. The water leak product does very well in sealing the crown. A waterproofing product should allow water vapor to escape. Water vapors are unable to escape the brick material. If the water cannot escape the mortar, it will deteriorate quicker.

Many parts of the chimney are designed to prevent water damaging situations. The chimney crown is a chimney part that helps protect the entire chimney from water damage. To properly protect against water damage, the crown needs to be in great shape.

The chimney flashing does a excellent job in protecting the chimney from water damaging. Water can access and damage both the roof and chimney if the flashing is not in working condition. Chimney cap in good condition can prevent water damage from getting severe. The cap does a great job in preventing animal nest developing. Our techs can check all these parts for you and tell you if they need repaired or replaced. We can repair any component on the chimney or replace it with a brand new component.

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