Commercial Fireplace Chimney

The team at The Fireplace Doctor works to provide our commercial clients with the best service with minimal disruption to their business. Specializing in the servicing of commercial dryer exhaust systems, commercial fireplaces and venting system means less downtime and superior results. Once an inspection has been completed, we can then provide you a fully detailed quote for any problems that were found during the examination. Theses can include but are not limited to leaking chase covers, windscreens that need to be replaced, and disconnected dampers and chimneys.

With the winter months here now, every business owner or manager that has a fireplace at their place of business needs to get the chimney cleaned and any repairs done before the snow season is upon you as customers are looking for places to eat or look for services or products at. Your chimney made need to have a FlashSeal done or the exterior with a waterproof coating to prevent any water leaks. Call today to schedule an inspection and sweep to be done.

Commercial Chimney Inspection and Sweep

We inspect all commercial chimney systems from both the top of the roof and from inside of the fireplace. Each systems is swept  and the soot is collected at the damper. With periodic inspection and cleaning we can identify these before they become severe. This can save your thousands of dollars in repair cost and from a loss of income from being closed. Continue…

Commercial Chimney Repair

Sometimes more than just a cleaning is required. During our inspection we may find things that need to be repaired in order to bring the fireplace, chimney  back up to proper working order. Such problems can be of water leaks, odor or smoke problems, and more that will need immediate attention.  Continue…

Commercial Dryer Vent

We’re not talking about the vent on top of the dryer or in the door… what we are talking about here is the vent that goes from the wall behind your dryer to the vent exit point of your apartments or laundromats. Depending on your floor plan the dryer vent may exit right thru the wall to the side of your house or it may go into the attic where it exits thru the roof. Some commercial dryer vents exit the foundation. Over time, lint can accumulate and reduce/ restrict proper air flow. Other factors such bird nests or fine screening over vent exits can also cause blockages. Blockages can lead to higher utility bills and damage the dryer units – and yes, it can also lead to commercial dryer vent fires.  Continue…


  • Apartments/Condos
  • Hotels/Inns
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Property Management Companies
  • Multiple Family Units
  • Government Facilities
  • Country Clubs
  • Resorts
  • Colleges
  • Conference Centers
  • Hospice Care
  • Laundromats

Our commercial clients may be like you.

If you are in need of commercial chimney services then give us a call today at 1-888-565-0124 or email us.