Dryer Vent Installation

Is cutting holes through walls and floors your idea of a fun afternoon? If not, we can help!

Our dryer vent technicians are trained to correct venting problems that are often the cause of poorly performing dryers. When cleaning does not improve the airflow, or it will become apparent that there are concerns to determine if the venting system meets manufacturer recommendations and applicable building codes. Here are some basic things we check for:

  • Unless otherwise permitted by dryer manufacturer, developed length of dryer duct shall not exceed 25 feet.
  • Dryer vents shall be independent of all other systems and terminate outdoors. (Do not vent into another chimney or vent)
  • Outside termination hood should be equipped with a back-draft damper.
  • Dryer duct must be at least 4″ diameter and as large as dryer outlet.
  • Concealed ducts must be rigid metal (galvanized or aluminum) duct.
  • Duct joints shall be secured with metal tape, do not use screws or rivets.
  • Use flexible metal connectors between the dryer and the duct.

The recommendations shown above are based on dryer vent manufacturer’s information and local building code requirements. Consult your dryer installation manual or your local dryer vent installation company for exact requirements for your dryer.

Improper installation and lack of professional vent cleaning not only impacts your dryer’s performance, it also increases CO2 emissions. It is estimated that a dirty vent with airflow restricted by 25% can increase CO2 emissions an estimated 850 lbs annually.

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