Gutter Cleaning

Homeowners should wait until winter is over before getting their gutters cleaned. Early spring is the best time for routine maintenance on your gutters. Gutters keep rainwater from reaching your homes foundation and creating cracks. When they are unobstructed for extended periods of time, they cant serve as an effective barrier. With two gutter cleanings a year, your homes appearance and structural integrity will be maintained.

Common issues found in gutter systems

Rain water doesnt need to reach the soil next to your home. To avoid this, gutters direct the water to down spouts on the side of your home. If water were allowed to run off the roof in curtains, the soil next to the house would erode and water would seep into the concrete foundation, which could ultimately lead to a number of serious problems.

Overhanging trees will shed twigs and leaves onto the roof. This debris will be swept off the roof with rain water and collect inside the gutters, where it will build up over time. With nowhere else to go, the water will overflow from the gutters and find its way into the cracks that inevitably form in concrete foundations. With each stream of water that gets into the foundation, more erosion occurs.

The excess weight added by twigs, leaves and debris threatens the holding allowance of gutter systems. Gutters are attached to the roof with fasteners specifically designed to hold up the weight of water. Fasteners holding up too much weight will pull away from the house, dragging the gutters down with them. This will have an effect on your homes appearance and your gutter systems efficiency.

Tips on gutter cleaning from the experts

Homeowners who try to tackle gutter cleanings on their own usually end up frustrated. For those homeowners, calling in a professional to handle the gutter cleaning process is a wise investment. Dont stress yourself out; with one call, you can have a professional taking the burden of gutter cleanings off your hands.

Our technicians will begin by removing all of the twigs and leaves that have collected in your gutters. Technicians also inspect gutters to ensure no residues were left behind, and to find potential weak spots that could develop leaks. In the final step of the process, the technician tests the gutter system using a water hose to check for any obstructions or potential leaks.

The recommended number of gutter cleanings per year is two. If you have your gutters cleaned once in the early spring and again in late fall, they should stay free of debris throughout the year. The perks of calling in a professional convince many homeowners to call The Fireplace Doctor. Professional technicians can go beyond basic cleanings to inspect your gutter systems structural soundness, checking it for leaks or loose fasteners that might cause the gutters to pull away from the roof.

You can save yourself from the risk involved in gutter cleaning when you have a technician take care of it for you. Technicians know the right techniques to use when cleaning gutters to avoid putting themselves in danger of falling off roofs or ladders. If you dont want to deal with cleaning your gutters this spring, let us take it off your hands. Call The Fireplace Doctor today!