A chimney chase cover, also known as a chase pan, is a metal covering that sits on top of a chimney chase, which is the exterior portion of a chimney that runs from the roofline to the top of the chimney.

The primary function of a chimney chase cover is to protect the chimney and the interior of the home from weather-related damage by preventing rain, snow, and debris from entering the chimney system. The cover also helps prevent animals from entering the chimney, which can cause blockages and potentially dangerous situations.

Chimney chase covers are typically made of metal, such as stainless steel or aluminum, and are custom-made to fit the specific dimensions of the chimney chase. They are installed by attaching them to the top of the chase with screws or adhesive.

It is important to periodically inspect and maintain a chimney chase cover to ensure that it is functioning properly and to prevent any potential issues. If a chimney chase cover becomes damaged or corroded, it should be replaced promptly to avoid any further damage to the chimney or home.