Chimney Sweep Birmingham Alabama

Chimney Sweep Birmingham Alabama

Local Chimney Services and Fireplace Repairs

At The Fireplace Doctor of Birmingham, Alabama we know the importance of chimney and fireplace maintenance. Fireplaces and chimneys are dangerous when not properly maintained. Thus, our professional chimney sweeps give you top quality safety inspections and service to lower that risk.

Prevent Chimney Fires
  • Hiring our certified Chimney Sweep Birmingham Alabama local chimney sweep team has several benefits, most importantly, safety. You can trust your local experts to clean out dangerous, flammable buildup that could likely destroy your house in a chimney fire. Additionally, each technician performs a 21-point safety inspection to ensure your complete chimney and fireplace system are free of risk.
  • Even if you think your chimney is safe from water, all masonry chimneys are porous, absorbing water each day. Water leaks can greatly damage the structural integrity of your home. It can also cause draft problems because the hot air cools in the chimney and sinks back into the home. Our Chimney Sweep Birmingham Alabama chimney water damage repair experts will ensure that your chimney is in great condition by providing chimney waterproofing with the highest quality sealants on the market.
  • Inspections will identify sooty buildup as well as ventilation issues. At Fireplace Doctor Chimney Sweep Birmingham Alabama, we can fix dangers to your home the same day we find them so your home can be safe.
  • Cleaning your chimney yourself is both tedious and dangerous. Let your local chimney sweeps use high-grade equipment to remove hazards properly, quickly, and safely. With the use of ChimScans, advanced videoing technology, our chimney sweeps can see the parts of your chimney that others can’t. Thus, these ChimScans allow them to better clean it out. Call Fireplace Doctor Chimney Sweep Birmingham Alabama today.
Breathe Fresh Air
  • If all of the smoke is not leaving your chimney, it’s entering back into your house and worse, into your lungs. This can be caused by animals creating blockages as well as water damage. Animal waste is also a source of respiratory diseases. We have experience and training for humane animal removal and for all degrees of chimney cleaning to remove leftover waste, nests, or other debris. Certainly, hiring a professional is the safest way to solve a chimney air quality issue.
Our Services
  • Humane Animal Removal:  Raccoons, Birds, Squirrels, and Bats are the most common animals that Fireplace Doctor Chimney Sweep Birmingham Alabama finds stowing away in our customers’ fireplaces and chimneys. When the animals get inside the chimney, they make nests, cause damage, get trapped, and even leave behind a treat for you to smell later. Our Technicians are professionally trained to remove these animals in the safest possible manner. We also give a standard cap installation to prevent any future encounters.
  • Water Leak Services: Water Leaks are one of the most common issues with chimneys and fireplaces, especially in the Birmingham, Alabama area. They can cause serious structural damage and safety hazards. If you see the signs of water damage, like mold, rust, or broken mortar, then call the Fireplace Doctor Chimney Sweep Birmingham Alabama for expert water leak repair.
  • Masonry Repairs: Fireplace Doctor Chimney Sweep Birmingham Alabama offers many masonry repairs. We offer professional tuckpointing, crown repair, flue repair, relining, storm damage repair, and more.
  • Installations: We offer professional prefabricated or masonry chimney and fireplace installation. Also, we install ash-dump doors, clean-out doors, wood stoves, and more
  • Inspections: Our expert Chimney Sweep Birmingham Alabama chimney and fireplace technicians practice 21-point safety inspections which are guaranteed to locate any hazard or problems that might cause problems for you or your home.
  • Creosote Removal: If you have a chimney then creosote is something you should be concerned about. It’s the number one cause of thousands of chimneys fires a year and can be harmful even if you never experience a chimney fire. It’s essential that every Birmingham homeowner knows what creosote is and works with a professional chimney sweep company to prevent it from harming your chimney. Call Fireplace Doctor Chimney Sweep Birmingham Alabama today.

Chimney Sweep Birmingham Alabama

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Birmingham one of the biggest cities in Alabama, and the south as a whole. Everyone who lives here knows how bad the winters can get between the snow and wind chill, that’s why its important for your annual chimney sweep, and inspection. We have provided some links to blogs and content on how you can keep safe in the cold and why exactly a sweep is important. 

Stay Up to Date Birmingham! 

Why you need a annual sweep?

There are many perks to having a chimney and fireplace such as a great aesthetic, cozy atmosphere, cost effective heating and more, but there’s maintenance that is often overlooked and forget about. A upswept chimney and fireplace can lead to severe problems such as chimney fires, creosote build up, corrosion, and leaks that could have been easily prevented. According to the NFPA “Fireplaces or chimneys were involved in approximately three in 10 home fires involving heating equipment in 2014–2018″ this is a shocking and very preventable statistic. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

WVTM13 covered a story where a family did not purchase a annual inspection, and because of that a 10,000 pound chimney fell through their home, hurting two young girls and making the home unlivable for months. Stories like these are tragically not all that uncommon this happened right here in Birmingham in 2016, between chimney fires and collapses a annual inspection is needed.

Cost of Not Getting a Inspection

WJHL reported on a house fire where one person was injured and was taken to the hospital, and the majority of their home was damaged (Attic, Den, Kitchen, and Chimney). This story was just the tip of the iceberg according to the NFPA “US fire departments responded to an estimated average of 346,800 home structure fires per year. These fires caused an annual average of 2,620 civilian deaths; 11,070 civilian fire injuries; and $7.3 billion in direct property damage”. It’s a powerful reminder that when you work with fire in home you need to be carful, and make sure your equipment rather it be a wood fire stove, or a chimney and fireplace is in functioning condition, and up to date on inspections.

Our Workmanship
Fireplace Doctor Bayou La Batre Damper Install

Tips on Dryer Vent Care

Keeping your dryer vents clean is significant for various reasons which incorporate vitality reserve funds as well as security. Take a gander at the rear of your dryer. You are probably going to see a container like or a cylinder like framework running from it and into a wall or out a window of your home. This is the air dryer vent. The issue is that garments will in general have residue, trash, and just texture particles on them. During the drying cycle, this material gets into the dryer vent and obstructs the framework. It can line the launch of your dryer just as the territories driving out of the home. This makes some risky circumstances. At the point when your dryer vent gets obstructed, clothing may take more time to dry totally. In the event that hot air is experiencing difficulty escaping from the vent, it can make your garments, the dryer, or the whole pantry excessively warm. Unusual scents are a normal indication when the dryer vent has not been cleaned in some time. If...
Fireplace Doctor of Daphne Sweep

Chimney Variation and Construction

There are many types of chimneys that I have yet to talk about and their differences. Three of which people may typically think of when thinking of fireplace, masonry chimneys, metal chimneys, and prefabricated chimneys. However, stove chimneys are their breed, and within each of the categories are subcategories. At its base, all a chimney is a tube up from the box to let out dangerous and possibly harmful fumes. This tube can be called the flue, and the place where the fire is lit is the firebox/fireplace. The bit extended from the bottom of said part is the hearth. Masonry Chimneys Masonry chimneys are the most complex and, in some eyes, “the standard chimney,” with the flue being hooked after it passes the lintel. The first thing that may be seen is the chimney damper, provided it is a throat damper. Should it be a top-mounted damper, it will be on top, of course. Next, come the smokey duo, the smoke shelf, and the smoke chamber, which work together to fight against downdraft and...

Summer cleaning

Despite the fact that the glow and dampness of summer are still upon us, right now is an ideal opportunity to begin contemplating the protected activity of chimney for the up and coming fall and winter season. The threat of a filthy stack is not to be downplayed and is unquestionably suggested that you make arrangements before the chilly climate shows up. A substance called creosote will develop and cake the sides of your fireplace. The risk of creosote is that it is basically unburned wood and can be profoundly combustible increasing your chances of a chimney fire. Whenever left to develop in the stack the creosote can make a perilous circumstance within your fireplace. As a result of this unmistakable danger, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) suggests a yearly fireplace cleaning and review. Cleaning and clearing the smokestack is only the start. There are numerous things that should be investigated to ensure your stack is utilitarian and safe. Some things that could...
older home with a chimney

Timing For A Chiming Cleaning

With winter coming to an end, spring and summer are coming quickly to take their place. As the seasons change, homeowners are beginning to deep clean their homes to have a fresh start to the new year. Plans for spring break and summer vacation are being made, which means there are going to be things that get left unattended. Your chimney is one of many things that tend to get forgotten. Do not make that mistake this year. The heat and humidity coming in the next few months can lead to animals taking shelter in the unused chimney. There also will be a build-up of creosote from the winter months due to burning wood. Since creosote is highly flammable and the humidity is turning up higher each year, it is best to schedule a cleaning before there is a chimney fire, or even worse, a house fire. Here are some reasons why spring or summer are the best times to schedule a cleaning. Catch Major Problems Early With chimneys, we hear “Man, I wish I would’ve known sooner.’ Summer is the perfect...

Chimney Cleaning Tip: DIY Edition

Everyone loves to watch the D.I.Y. home renovations or crafts or hidden cleaning hacks. Well, here is one for those who want to attempt to clean their chimney at home. Below is a guide to aid in the cleaning of your own chimney. Remember, it is okay to not do this yourself and schedule a cleaning service to save your hours of labor. Do You Need A Chimney & Fireplace Service? Keeping up with your DIY chimney cleaning is great, but it is best to still invest in seasonal cleaning for the best use of your fireplace. There are possibilities that you have missed huge spots and can cause soot and creosote to accumulate even more. D.I.Y. Chimney Cleaning Guide Proper Cleaning Equipment Bare Essentials Eye protection Breathing masks Protective gloves Rugged clothes Set of chimney sweeping tools Make sure these are clean and dry before you begin or you just might end up making things worse Not recommended to buy if you prefer a professional to clean your chimney to ensure that it is free...

The Hurricane Season Is In Full Effect

Hurricane season is upon us and most who live near the coast know what that means; major preparation and horrible damage.   Hurricanes threaten lives and also cause thousands of dollars worth of property damage.   Last year alone, 15 lives were taken by hurricanes (not within the United States). While that may seem insignificant, the fact still remains; hurricanes take lives.   While it is most important to protect your life, your house needs to be taken care of as well.   During strong weather and hurricanes, things and shall we say, critters, can enter your chimney. From squirrels and snakes, to even small debris, when hurricanes happen, your chimney can become clogged.   It is important that prior to a hurricane, your chimney has a chimney cap to prevent strong winds from bringing things into your chimney.   In the unfortunate event that your home is overtaken in a hurricane, know this: We stand with you, and will do whatever we can to help you during the difficult time. Article...

Need a chimney sweep in Pensacola Florida?

Florida also is known as “the sunshine state” brings over 100 million people each year in tourism, with its beaches, amusement parks, and warm weather! Pensacola having one of the best sugar-white beaches on the planet is a must-see for any traveler. Our technicians are local moguls in the chimney sweep and repair business, servicing the Emerald Coast, the Gulf, all the way to Jacksonville. Do you need a chimney sweep in Pensacola, Florida? How about a chimney repair? If so, Fireplace Doctor Chimney Sweeps has been doing repairs, sweeps, and maintenance in Pensacola for over 30 years! We do masonry repairs, install new chimneys, and specialize in the Chimney Sweep trade. Any maintenance related to a chimney; we are the team to call. Having a professional who is an expert in their trade is what makes the difference. You would not want a car mechanic building your home, would you? It is detrimental to have the right person for the right job. Hire a Pro Chimney sweeps and inspections...

Tips For The Upcoming 2021 Hurricane Season

Hurricane season starts on July 1 and ends on November 30th. The last few years have been very deadly for Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi areas. Various storms and hurricanes have caused millions of dollars in damages. We have some tips and advice for you this hurricane season to help you protect your home and property. Rain and water are some of the most corrosive materials, especially when unattended for long periods of time. Chimney leaks are one of the most common issues we find when performing a chimney inspection. Chimney leaks can cause mold inside the chimney, which causes a nasty foul odor and is very harmful to breathe. A water leak can also mix with the sooty build-up, or creosote, causing acidic cracks. A chimney cap is an easy, low-cost, install to stop these problems at the source. Tip #1 - Animals Animals frequent chimneys as a place for shelter. This is a reoccurring issue we find in homes often. Do you hear the flapping of wings or little scratches inside...

The Importance of Chimney Sweeping

People often put off getting in touch with their trusted chimney sweeper, because they don’t want to spend the money. The truth is, the cost of hiring the chimney sweeper you prefer every year, will save you money on your heating bill, and having a clean chimney will allow your fires to last longer. You will also decrease the chances of a chimney fire, which can cause severe damage to your home. Most people with fireplaces don’t think about the importance of the chimney sweeper they hire. Many people also neglect the need to get your chimney cleaned once a year before the winter months. Here are only a few reasons why the chimney sweeper is so important. To Remove Creosote Buildups As you may be aware, it is mandatory to get your chimney inspected for creosote and soot build up from time to time. When there is a large amount of creosote buildup, it may cause an uncontrolled and unwanted fire. Creosote is a tar-like chemical that builds up when the wood in your fireplace is burning....

Which Sealant is the Best for You?

The chimney is one noticeable aspect of the home that is continually helpless to the fluctuating climate. As the constantly changing climate moves through the seasons, the preparing sun, rising stickiness, driving precipitation, and profound freeze of the outside components can negatively affect the brickwork, and keeping in mind that although bricks are a normally strong structure material, they can in any case take on a lot of wear and tear. One preventative measure for damage of dampness and water is a block sealant. So, what type of sealant should you use? Sealants are a kind of substance used to impede liquids from entering the material it is on. As far as chimneys, these sealants are normally sorted out into one of two camps – that of polyurethane or silicone. Not all sealants are made the equivalent and to figure out which is the best for your chimney, we first need to go over the two substances in detail. Silicone is best at drying rapidly. Polyurethane stays wet for as long...
Our Testimonials

“The Fireplace Doctor did a sweep and safety inspection on my chimney. They said mine was really dirty and needed the sweep badly. I didn’t end up getting the repair they recommended because they said it could wait a year and that’s when I would need another sweep anyway. Honest friendly guys and I will choose them again next year.”

Johnny W.

“Used their services on a home for sale & they worked pure magic on the fireplace. In no way did I expect the improvement they were able to make in function & appearance. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Incredible skill, on time, professional. Wonderful experience.”
Morgan A

“Fireplace Doctor came out and told me what material I needed and gave me a premium repair at a fair price. I appreciate a company that trusts what they do and even lets you see pictures of all their work. Truly a great experience.”
Ken S.