Fairhope, Alabama was named as one of the best small towns in the south by Southern Living. This town is near Orange Beach, located on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay, and has gorgeous neighborhoods plus a downtown similar to an Italian village.

Jimmy Buffet was born here along with many famous authors such as Upton Sinclair (The Jungle, THe Dearborn Independent), Winston Groom (Forest Gump), and Fannie Flag (Fried Green Tomatoes). Fairhope is not only an expression of southern values but also culture.

The housing stock includes a diversity of properties, most have been restored and upgraded over the years. A large community of historic homes, most have been passed down for generations. Houses passed down led to home improvements such as restoring chimneys and fireplaces.

Despite the age of the home, Fireplace Doctor can clean and repair chimneys and fireplaces from any era. Our team knows that however old the home is that it is important to have proper maintenance. Proper maintenance enhances values for today and reduces costs for tomorrow.

About Fireplace Doctor:

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