Living along the Gulf Coast and in southern states, we experience some horrendous thunderstorms, hurricanes, and other moisture-producing events. There is no wonder why chimney leaks are popping up left and right. Leaks are dangerous, especially when they finally enter the home. Best to find a solution ASAP – let Guardian Chimney Sweep! Our team is trained and certified in chimney work including water leak repairs with proper tools, products, and the knowledge on how to keep water out of the chimney for good.

Flash Repair & Flash Seal  

Metal flashings are the best chimney defenses against leaks, but if it is installed poorly or damaged then it is the most common place to find water leaks. To keep water out, you need to have the homeowner replace or installed by a professional. A local team like Fireplace Doctor can provide an expert installation. We offer FlashSeal for water protection. Just call us today!

Chimney Caps

Since the chimney flue extends up past the chase, it requires protection or otherwise, raindrops will fall down into the flue every time it rains. This is why caps were made! At Fireplace Doctor, we install copper caps, chimney pots, and multi-flu caps. Whatever the size, shape, or number of flues the chimney has, we are here to help you keep water out of your flue for good.

Crown Repairs 

Do you know the area of cement that rests at the top of the chimney? This is known as the crown. The crown can take a beating storm after storm – especially if it is poorly built. Does your crown keep out water or does it need to be repaired? We can help. Our team is skilled in knowing how to repair cracked and deteriorating crowns, also use CrownSeal to protect the crown against future water leaks and water damages. Leave repairs the crown to the professionals.

Call or Reash Out Online! 

For any questions about our offered services or need to schedule an appointment with the Fireplace Doctor, give us a call. You can find your local Fireplace Doctor via our service page. Or you can request an appointment through our online scheduling form on our website. We will send you a first-class chimney professional right to your front door.