Oftentimes people don’t think about their chimneys and fireplaces until it starts to get cold enough outside to use them. People tend to forget that their Chimneys are deteriorating every single day and not only when they are in use. Nobody wants to wait till it’s cold out and when you go to start a fire and realize that your chimney needs some work. We understand it’s easy to forget about your fireplace and chimney during the summer when it’s not in use; but your chimney is holding water every day of the year, it has been doing so since day one. The best way to ensure that your chimney will be safe and ready to use when the cold weather rolls in, are to make sure you get annual safety inspections and are getting ahead of any further damage that might be caused to your chimney by its age.

Well, how do I know if my chimney needs to be swept?

It is a good rule of thumb to get your chimney inspected every year at least once just to check for any water that might be leaking in or to catch any signs of rust before they contaminate the whole chimney.


Why should I do this in the summertime? Isn’t winter just as good of a time? 

While yes the winter months do make more sense as far as why you would notice your chimney needs to be inspected and you might even have a guy come and inspect before too late into the season. I assure you that it is a lot better to have that fireplace ready to be worked on in the summer months when a lot of people don’t think to have it repaired or inspected rather than to have it done in mid-November when everyone who just tried to start their fireplaces are realizing they have an issue. Not to mention that there is no telling how long those repairs will take to complete or how many days it will take to do so. Weather also plays a big part when it comes to scheduling repairs. Many people don’t realize the amount of time and effort we put in to ensure that your chimney leaking issues or any other issues are resolved. Not to mention the warranties we provide are to ensure that your home is safe and that your fireplace is up to code for many years to follow. If you’ve got a technician out in the rain trying to apply products to your home and they will not properly apply nor will they dry very fast making what should be a few-hour job drag over the course of several days. Nobody wants to have technicians out at their house every day for a week just to fix a job that should have been done the first day, nor do you want to hold off and cause any more damage to your home by us not being able to complete in a timely manner. Why you should fix your fireplace before the winter months.

Hopefully, next year when you get to thinking about what needs to be done on your home or when you remember this blog in a few months you’ll remember that it is probably time to get your annual inspection before the wet season rolls in and it becomes less desirable to have your home worked on. Plus hopefully, it will allow you to enjoy your fireplace through the winter months without having to wait a few weeks around Christmas before you are able to enjoy a nice fire in your own home.