Are you on the fence about having a professional come out and inspect your Chimney and Fireplace? Let The Fireplace Doctor put your mind at ease. This is what to expect once you call The Fireplace Doctor Fireplace & Chimney Services.

The duration of the chimney sweep process depends on various factors such as the number of floors, the size of the fireplace, its level of dirtiness, and the preparedness of the surrounding area. Typically, a sweep can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours. To save time when the chimney sweep arrives, it is recommended to clear out everything from in front of the fireplace, including rugs and decorations from the mantle. Additionally, outdoor furniture and planters should be moved away from the area where the sweeps will place their ladders to access the chimney.

Our team of highly trained technicians ensures thorough cleaning of your fireplace while also taking measures to protect your belongings. With our clean guarantee, you can have peace of mind knowing that your fireplace will be clean and safe to use. We employ state-of-the-art equipment to clean your fireplace and chimney from top to bottom. Our HEPA-certified industrial ash vacuums effectively remove soot and creosote, leaving your house smelling fresh and maintaining its pristine condition. As a licensed, bonded, and insured service provider, we prioritize your protection as our valued customer. With over thirty years of experience, we have established a solid reputation by consistently delivering excellent results.

During the sweep, our technicians perform a comprehensive cleaning of your chimney and fireplace. In cases where two sweeps are involved, one will access the roof while the other brings in a HEPA-certified ash vacuum. By placing the vacuum nozzle in the smoke chamber near the smoke shelf, we ensure that any ash, soot, or creosote being pushed down by the sweep on the roof remains isolated and does not enter your home. We take precautions such as covering your furniture with tarps, wearing booties and masks, and using ladder guards to prevent any damage to your gutters.

After vacuuming the fireplace and inspecting the ash dump, we ensure that everything is left as clean as we found it. Our commitment to cleanliness is backed by our clean guarantee, so you won’t need to worry about tidying up after our sweeps have completed their work. Finally, our technicians clean up by removing tarps and taking their equipment to the truck.

It’s important to note that even with our best efforts, a small amount of debris may settle inside the chimney after the sweep. This can occur due to residual dust that the vacuum could not capture. When you open your damper to use the fireplace, this debris may drop out. Please be assured that this is not indicative of inadequate cleaning but rather a natural occurrence caused by the movement of air within the chimney.

Once the sweep has completed the cleaning process, they will address any questions you may have and handle your payment.

The Fireplace Doctor services there great States: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina.